I realise it’s been years since I’ve been anywhere near my own website, and since my last blog post, much has changed, both personally and professionally.

The web never slows down in new technologies and new trends, and whilst my own personal website is looking very much like something stuck in 2014 when it was made, my own portfolio of work has been increasing massively, with many new sites for all types of companies and organisations, from the third sector and charities, to e-commerce sites and pedicabs.

I’m now at the stage of what to do with my own old website.

Do I close it down as it no longer reflects the skills, style or type of websites I’m now building?

Do I go and do a fully fledged, modern redesign with the new web technologies available today?

Do I take the website away from the CV kind of site that I was using to help gain employment and turn it more into a website about who I am as a person and what I like do for fun and the things I’m interested in?

Or do I just leave it as it is, a relatively unused relic of its time, that was originally created for a different purpose, that now serves no purpose at all other than it bares my name?