Following on from last weeks post about the differences between Web Designers & Web Developers, this week we look at the Web Design Process.

This infographic shows the process from the beginning of the process through to the completion and handover to the client. However, from experience it’s not always this straight forward, particularly the middle part of the process.

The finalisation of the site design never seems to be finalised and is constantly in a state of change and fluctuation from the client, long after it’s supposedly signed off. Likewise with the implementation of functionalities and features.

Additionally, an issue I’ve frequently experienced, that isn’t highlighted on this infographic is a lack of site content from the client. Many projects I’ve been involved with have been held up because the client is having trouble supplying page content and graphical assets, so pushing the timescale back even further.

So what issues do others have throughout the web design process? How do you solve them?

Web Development Process