The HE Computing Final Year Project Open Day was held on the 19th May 2015. This was the culmination of my years of study when I was able to showcase my skills to prospective employers with a demonstration of the website I had created as my final year project.

The project itself was developed over two semesters. A business need had to be assessed and a solution devised that would fulfil the needs of the business. This required extensive interviews with the business to assess what their requirements are, and supporting evidence and documentation had to be created to reflect this.

A design had to then be created and prototyped to be assessed by the business concerned, as well as assessed by a panel of lecturers to ensure that the project was of a going concern and of a sufficient enough technical challenge.

Once this stage of the project was completed, it was then onto the build phase where the project had to be built along with documentation to support the build phase, as well as extensive documentation on the project management aspects, explaining the type of methodology employed for the build and a justification for choosing that particularly methodology.

Additional documentation was required to show interaction with the client as the project progressed with milestone reports, as well as a presentation to a panel to demonstrate that the project was progressing and how well it was doing, and to highlight any changes that needed to be made from the initial design and prototype.

Overall, the project was an extensive body of work, and the open day was my opportunity to present my work to a wider community.

My own thoughts on the event are quoted below.

“I’m glad I did attend though. The day looked quite professional once it was all up and running and there were more visitors attending than I thought there would be. I did gain some contacts though and some employment too from the day so all in all I think it was a great success and it won me over from my initial scepticism”.