Is it ever too late to start again and take a new direction in life?

This was something I had to ask myself when I was made redundant several years ago from the only job I had ever worked at since leaving school.

Deciding that it is is never too late to do something different, I was convinced to pursue a computing degree to improve my skill set. It was an adjustment to step back into the academic world as a mature student, but having settled in and adapted to life as a student I was surprised on how well I was doing and that the faith people had in me was not misplaced. I surprised myself more than I did anybody else.

My studies are now complete and I find myself at yet another crossroads in life and wonder where the journey will now take me.

Perhaps someone reading this could actually have the answer to that?

So what are your experiences? Have any of you had an experience similar to my own?
Did you know exactly where you were heading once you graduated?